Starry Sky Installation


Place a plasterboard panel on tile bars or structures that hold the suspended panel.


 Drill the panel with the drill bit corresponding to the diameter of the optical fibers to position on.


Insert the optical fibers into the holes on the unvisible panel side, pulling them out of the opposite side for a few centimeters (4-5cm).


Put a bit of glue (silicone) for fixing fiber optics


After attaching the panel to the celling, proceed to plaster and paint the panel.


Once the paint has been dried, take a pair of scissors or a pincer to cut the fiber optics.


Do not cut the fiber optic fibers at the same level of ceiling surface, make the optical fibers protrude at least 2-3 mm from the false ceiling. This allows you to see the light of each optical fiber from any angle creating a three-dimensional light effect perception.


Connect the fiber optics’ common end to the led light source.


Connect the rgb led light source to the appropriate color control module or a power supply if there is a white led light source.


Turn on the led light source by pushing the button or using the supplied remote control.