Our unsheathed PMMA single fiber optics (polymethylmethacrylate) are the best on the market for the high quality and excellent durability.The transmission in the visible spectrum of light is decidedly homogeneous, as well as the low chromatic variation, to allow for effective use in the lighting scenic, artistic and scientific with maximum distances of 25 meters.


The synthetic fiber optics without sheath are available only as monofibers with a minimum diameter of 0.25 mm up to a maximum of 3 mm (see fibers with code FB). Those are mainly used in the production of “Starry Sky”, scenic effects for television, festive decorations, advertising signs, shop window dressing, curtains, fabrics, etc. The light side luminescence has determined, in particular applications and environmental conditions, great outstanding effects. The synthetic fibers are without terminals and are easily compactable, even by those without any technical knowledge
of the product. We recommend the use of synthetic fiber optics with the specific light sources of our production, specifically calibrated in our laboratory, in order to obtain the maximum performance. COBB Fibre Ottiche, in addition to making bundles according to customer specifications, it also provides FB fiber type in whole spools.

Code  Outer diameter  Spool lenght Bend radius
 FB250  0,25mm 12.000mt 5mm
FB500 0,50mm 6.000mt 10mm
FB750 0,75mm 2.700mt 15mm
FB1000 1mm 1.500mt 20mm
FB1500 1,5mm 700mt 30mm
FB2000 2mm 250mt 40mm
FB3000 3mm 150mt 50mm