Our glass fiber coated with a sheath of Megolon, are the best on the market for high quality and excellent durability. The transmission in the visible light spectrum is very homogeneous, as well as the low chromatic variation to allow the effective use in lighting, museum lighting, scenographic, artistic and scientific.


Glass fiber optics are supplied with a self-extinguish sheath in Megolon. The used glass fiber optics are of the best quality, ensuring unlimited duration, exceptional intrinsic attenuation of less then 150 dB/km and excellent linearity transmission throughout the visible spectrum. The fiber optic cables (also referred to as tails) commonly used for lighting have diameters (SIZE) varies from 1.3 mm to 6 mm. We recommend, when using glass fiber optics, not to exceed the length of 10-12 meters of the individual tail. The glass fiber optics are particularly suitable in lighting museums and exhibition, namely in all contexts that are designed with a long-term perspective, due to the importance of the exhibits, or to particular technical and logistical conditions in which they are installed.

Code Fiber optics diameter Outer diameter Bend radius
SIZE 1  1,3mm 2,2mm 13mm
SIZE 4 2,6mm 4,2mm 29mm
SIZE 7 3,3mm 4,8mm 33mm
SIZE 12 4,3mm 6,5mm 43mm
SIZE 24 6,0mm 10mm 60mm